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Life Drawing Meetup

I’ve found another source of life drawing to try. This is in Canterbury and centred around Meet-up. The session was of a fairly normal structure, but I was somewhat happier with the results.

First a set of 1 minute poses to warm up:

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Figure Drawing Research

This may be a bit of a strange post, as I am effectively documenting a set of resources that I’ve been using to try to improve my figure drawing. Most of them I’ve collected together fairly recently, but some I’ve been using for a while. I can’t say the list is exhaustive but this is an area I’ve been struggling with for a while, as I suspect do many people when learning to draw figures. This means I’ve collected quite a few sources of information, and am identifying some of the key ones here to give an idea of the signposts that I’ve found to point me in roughly the right direction. I think between them these resources provide the information I need to make progress. Now I need a lot of practice and reflection. Continue reading “Figure Drawing Research”