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Warm up reflections

I’ve learnt something of the mechanisms of drawing, as well as the properties of some of the materials. (Charcoal, pen, different grades of pencil.) The exercises and consideration around the start of the course have made me think on the need to experiment with materials and approaches. Even the process of drawing circles in Project 0.1 had me considering the materials for making marks.

Outside of the warm up exercises, this start up period for the course has had me reflecting on the meaning of art education – as well as the process for it. From the Introduction to Art HE course through to my confusion around Action Art’s meaning and value.

All in all, an interesting few weeks starting up. On to Part 1 of the course.

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Project 0.3: Fingers and wrist

My main challenge here was how I hard it was to follow the instructions. I found drawing without moving my arm difficult. I eventually managed it by starting small and slowly making the movements larger. If I found myself cheating I stopped and started again. If the point was to make me more aware of hand, arm and general movement when drawing it worked. Continue reading “Project 0.3: Fingers and wrist”

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Warm up: Project 0.1: Big and Small



I’m slightly surprised how well the left hand went. The circles were clearly less well formed, and tended to be larger. I started on my “Travel Easel”. This needed to be used sitting and wasn’t too comfortable for the exercise. Changed to a flat board, which worked better.The instructions said to “change tool”, so each sheet was done with a different tool. Continue reading “Warm up: Project 0.1: Big and Small”