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Linking to Egon Schiele

Now, lets try a similar experiment with Egon Schiele, who I have less exposure of. Again, I’ll start by looking at some images:

“Reclining Woman”  from
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An experiment linking to artists

On of the challenges that I have is that of considering artistic style and approach. One challenge my tutor left me with is to:

“Link your work to that of others and make it clear
that this is what you’re doing”

Part 3 Formative feedback

So, lets start by considering one artist whose figurative work I admire – Maggi Hambling. To start, lets examine a number of her figurative drawings that I like:

Portrait of Dr David Brown
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Soft pastel experiments

Not strictly part of any of the exercises, but this has been an interesting experimental journey:

IMG_6487 (Edited)These images make up an experimental sequence where I was experimenting with soft pastels in an A3 sketchbook. In the first I thought I got some nice water reflection, interesting overall feel, and Quite liked the semi-line quality of the marks. I wasn’t so keen keen on the chairs unfortunately. I wasn’t trying for accuracy – but they’re a bit too far out. Need to concentrate a bit more on relative angles. Continue reading “Soft pastel experiments”

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Playing with colour

Starting to look at colour theory, and decided to start with Betty Edwards (of Drawing on the Right side of the brain fame) book to start with. This starts with a couple of simple exercises: (a) Colour I like and Dislike; and (b) Colours of the seasons. Not exactly great art, but it was quite fun.

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Ceramic Tests

Another side-track for the course, but before I can finish the Annie Peaker, or other ceramic, work I need to do a set of glaze tests so as to know how to approach colouring and Glazing them. This needs to be completed carefully and rigorously if the results aren’t going to be disappointing.

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Experiment: Playing with Prisma

A bit of a tangent for the course, but I’ve recently been playing with an app called Prisma. Its a photo-processing app that “turns your photos into Art.” I’ve mainly considered these to be a bit naff in the past, but this one can actually produce some interesting results. Not exactly drawing, but at least interesting….  Continue reading “Experiment: Playing with Prisma”