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So, why do this course?

I joined the OCA yesterday on the “Foundations Drawing” course, as I haven’t done any form of art study in the past. If all goes well, which basically means if I’m up to it and can find the time, I would hope to move on to the degree course in a year’s time. My background is in IT, but I started wood carving in 2005. I’ve been getting tuition in various ways, but much of it has been coming from the Geisler-Moroder school in Austria. As I’ve moved forwards it has become clear that my lack of an art background is holding me back, and lack of drawing skills I one element of that. If you would like to get an idea of my work so far you can see it here: , which  is a combination of my own work and that done on various carving courses.

Thus in joining this course I am hoping to improve my drawing, and work out if this is a suitable approach to improving my abilities.