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Source: THE ARBOREALISTS – 5 May 2017

Artists that specialise in tree related drawings and paintings. Now that sounds like something I should have a close look at – when I can find the time.

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Project 4.1: Evaluation and Reflection

I will continue to use the evaluation framework from my previous tutor for convenience. Although somewhat long winded, the approach does provide me with a series of different lenses through which to consider my work on the projects. Although I’m sure a lighter weight approach would suffice, this approach does seem to be effective for reflection. As I did the preparation as a block, however, I will do the evaluation together as well.

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Project 4.3: Hands


This has really been a long running project which has stumped me, and I’m not totally happy with the results as yet. I do feel, however, it might be time to move on. Maybe. In the second image I am, at long last, getting happier. The images are still far from perfect, but they have definitely improved.

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In the Studio: Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin is giving me a bit of a philosophical challenge. From what I can see I think I’d quite like her work, but the meaning discussed about her body of work seems quite “Emperor’s new clothes”. She is definitely an artist where the work doesn’t translate to internet based images. The body of is based around the imperfections of hand making around the “perfect” grid concept. Continue reading “In the Studio: Agnes Martin”