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Technique: Oil Pastels

This is from Part 2, but I intended to do a quick write up. I tried an experiment with Oil Pastels quite early on in part 2, when I was trying a range of media for the first time. At that point I made the observation that this is likely to be a medium for avoiding detail. Continue reading “Technique: Oil Pastels”

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Soft pastel experiments

Not strictly part of any of the exercises, but this has been an interesting experimental journey:

IMG_6487 (Edited)These images make up an experimental sequence where I was experimenting with soft pastels in an A3 sketchbook. In the first I thought I got some nice water reflection, interesting overall feel, and Quite liked the semi-line quality of the marks. I wasn’t so keen keen on the chairs unfortunately. I wasn’t trying for accuracy – but they’re a bit too far out. Need to concentrate a bit more on relative angles. Continue reading “Soft pastel experiments”