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Visit: Ashmolean Museum

I was going to Oxford and managed to make sure I had a few hours clear to visit the Ashmolean Museum whilst I was there. So much that I’ve seen, so where to start? The “Monkey Tales” Exhibition (, URL Viewed 23/07/2016) seems like a good place. This gave me the chance to see some excellent Chinese brush painting up close. (e.g. Three gibbons swinging on a tree branch, Chen Wen His (1906-1992)) painted c. 1980. Continue reading “Visit: Ashmolean Museum”

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Book: High Art as marketing

Carrying on from my consideration of Jackson Pollock and medium use in “Modernism in Dispute” [Wood, 1993]. The “High Art” discussion around p172 is slightly harder to put in context:

…the works of Louise and Noland … look like this because this is how painting must be made to look, c. 1960, if they are to offer the viewer sufficient degree of aesthetic power…”

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Book: Art as a materials study

Carrying on from my consideration of Jackson Pollock and Modern Art in “Modernism in Dispute” [Wood, 1993]. I found the statement, p172, about Saraband (Plate 140) and Bloom (Plate 141) being painted within a year of each other, and one or two years before the first publication of ‘Modernist Painting’:

The two works… are painted in acrylics. Unlike Oils acrylics will retain a high degree of saturation in relatively liquid form … both paintings which exploit the properties of what was at the time a relatively new medium.

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Book: Modernism in Dispute and Jackson Pollock

I bought “Modernism in Dispute” [Wood, 1993], as it is a set book and I’m interested in “What is Modern Art about anyway?” I’ve never exactly had a love affair with modern art. Jackson Pollock (e.g. “War”, Plate 123) is deemed to be a great artist – but I just don’t engage with his work. Continue reading “Book: Modernism in Dispute and Jackson Pollock”