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Part 4: Overall approach

Starting to think through my approach to part 4, I’m going to try to approach it slightly differently this time. I’m going to start by thinking through the brief of all the elements at the same time, and work out what contextual research makes sense based on that. Continue reading “Part 4: Overall approach”

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Assessment 3: Evaluation before submission

What went well?

I think my process for applying myself to the course as an academic piece of work has improved. That took me quite a time to get used to, and has a way to go for me to really “get it.” The course isn’t just a series of drawing exercises where you follow the notes in the project, bundle it up and send it off to your tutor for assessment. That was, to a point, my approach to the first assessment. I tried to improve my approach in the second assessment in terms of how I approached the drawing but didn’t understand how to approach the actual work of presenting for assessment. I’m hoping that my approach to submitting for this assessment will be considerably better. Continue reading “Assessment 3: Evaluation before submission”

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Project 3.1: Evaluation and Reflection

Looking back at the image for Project 3.1 and considering the brief I set myself a set of questions to ask myself about the final image submission. I also need to consider the concepts around what worked, or otherwise, and how I might approach things differently in the future. Continue reading “Project 3.1: Evaluation and Reflection”