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Project 3.1: Evaluation and Reflection

Looking back at the image for Project 3.1 and considering the brief I set myself a set of questions to ask myself about the final image submission. I also need to consider the concepts around what worked, or otherwise, and how I might approach things differently in the future. Continue reading “Project 3.1: Evaluation and Reflection”

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Project 3.2: Developing ideas

I’ve been working on the idea in several ways, as can be seen from my previous post. I seem to have settled on an arrangement of items on a chopping board, though I’m split between basic vegetables or whether to include the spices. As a first run at a good image I started with Charcoal.  Continue reading “Project 3.2: Developing ideas”

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Project 3.2: Playing with ideas

I been trying to consider how best to approach this one. I tried to think through approaches and ideas. The concept of “larger than life” came through from the brief and started me thinking… The most obvious idea is something like an arrangement of vegetables, but other ideas can work… Continue reading “Project 3.2: Playing with ideas”

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Project 3.2: Apples, Orange and lime

This was created just before I received the Assignment 2 feedback from my tutor. I didn’t get round to writing up my thoughts on it because I had a major reset on the work for Project 3.1. The image was simply posted as a comment on pastel pencils. I touched up the image slightly from when I posted it previously, but it is still basically the same. Continue reading “Project 3.2: Apples, Orange and lime”

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Project 3.1:Starting Again

Practice Reflection

I’ve been looking back at my practice sketches from December with a critical eye and my current study of perspective in mind. Issues start to build fairly quickly, although in many ways it is still an improvement on previous work. Possibly the biggest single issue is that the cupboard sketch was supposed to be face on, so the top and bottom of the cupboard facing should be parallel. They aren’t, and in fact they slightly diverge. Continue reading “Project 3.1:Starting Again”

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Project 3.1: Brief and Research


So what is this one all about? Clearly the first, and most important, point is to demonstrate drawing in perspective for a complex scene. This means creating a “believable sense of structure and form” (from the brief) using perspective as the tool. Continue reading “Project 3.1: Brief and Research”

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Project 3.1: Thinking though cupboard and viewpoints

I’m trying to decide how to work out which cupboard is best, what viewpoint and how much to open the door. We have three cupboards in the house that meet the brief, with one having double doors. One has cans and such in, another is tea boxes and drinks and the last spices and jars.

I like the cupboard with the spice jars. This is the one I chose for my earlier practice, but the cupboard with the tea packets would work as well.

There is also the question of whether to ‘tidy’ the cupboard. I’m thinking not. In fact I may even add some extra stuff. My life is full to over flowing, and I want the drawing to reflect that. If that is the driver then the double door cupboard, with its stacked up contents would be best.

On amount of the door to show, I think it looks best with just a bit of the outside of the door showing. Decisions, decisions…

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What is cheating in drawing?

A odd question, but one I need to reflect on after some of my feedback. I have been doing drawings so far on the course with a bit of paper, an eraser (of whatever sort) and something to make a mark. I haven’t been using a ruler, ellipse template, grid, projection box and camera etc.

In my own opinion the output of programs like Prisma are interesting but are clearly not a drawing by me. I think the output of my Digital Art experiments, including the Dragon Triplet are my drawings in my opinion though. Some supporting tools will be a major help in getting accurate ellipses and rendering perspective more fully. So, what is cheating and what isn’t? Continue reading “What is cheating in drawing?”

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M. C. Escher: Impossible spaces

The course notes mentions investigating looking at how artists play with perspective. As part of this the work of M. C. Escher and the Penrose stairs needs to be mentioned. This creates an optical illustration of an infinite staircase. The following is Escher’s application of the idea to his art: Continue reading “M. C. Escher: Impossible spaces”