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Project 4: At home

Reworked following Part 2 feedback. I’ve also added notes that I previously thought¬†I’d included but now can’t find. Unfortunately the original wording is lost, so I’ve recreated it from memory.

Sketches around the house

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Life Drawing

I found this session interesting, as it concentrated on tone provided by having a shaded ground and then adding/subtracting. The first is white paper with charcoal, and the next two black paper with white chalk.

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Dip pen rock

Started to draw a rock on a wooden base with shadows as dip pen practice. This approach was suggested as an alternative to fineliner by my tutor. In some ways it was being successful, as the mark making is generating an interesting approach. It was also, however, being very time consuming and wouldn’t have produced a good final image.

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Odilon Redon’s tonal drawings

A quick Google Search ( on Odilon and his Noirs (the name he uses for his tonal drawings) quickly brings a wealth of information. This can be further elaborated by wikipedia:¬† Continue reading “Odilon Redon’s tonal drawings”

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Project 4.3: Evaluation and Reflection

Observation and Construction

In all cases, I’m not totally happy with the images but they are a definite improvement over where I was. In the hands images, for example, I’m not that happy with the fist. I was going for a darker image in the tonal range (which worked), but I’m not as happy with the observation and accuracy of this one. In the touching feet, the background needs a level of work. I might also have put more effort into the rendering of the material of the jeans. For the crossed feet the toe on the right foot (on the left hand side of the image) is a little too bulbous. Similarly the arch of the foot is somewhat off. Continue reading “Project 4.3: Evaluation and Reflection”