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Improving tonal range

On the line of action site I found an article about mastering your pencil, which provides advice on increasing the tonal range that you can achieve with a single pencil. The idea is basically to fill in an increasing number of boxes on a daily basis to get an increase in tone across the page. 

As I’ve had feedback that improving my tonal range would be valuable I decided to try it: 

The exercise does seem to be valuable, though I have a way to go as there is another page of increasing shades to try. As might be expected it is getting progressively more difficult. Its likely I should be trying a similar exercise with other mark making approaches – such as conte and charcoal.

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Project 2 Proportion


Looking back at my life drawing and other figurative drawing so far, the correct representation of the model’s proportions has been an on-going challenge. My progress isn’t linear in any way, and often feels like one step forwards and five back. This is, therefore, an area rich for practice and study. Continue reading “Project 2 Proportion”