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Project 4.1: Making a start

Its taken me a while to actually start Project 4.1. Partly this was taking a break in general, but I have also been trying to do some practice and consideration of how best to approach it. The brief makes it clear that this is about building a network of lines and not continually rubbing stuff out if you make a mistake. It is also about building a fair sense of tone with line based marks rather than density of mark making material. These approaches are both quite new to me. Continue reading “Project 4.1: Making a start”

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Considering Rembrandt’s Etchings

I’ve been looking at Rembrandt’s etching to consider what I might learn from them, especially with respect to fine liner drawing. As an example of this I’ve decided to make some explicit notes with respect to “Adam and Eve.” There is a good level of analysis of the image available in general. I found an assertion that the serpent and part of the composition is inspired by an earlier Dürer interesting, here: Continue reading “Considering Rembrandt’s Etchings”

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Assignment 3 feedback

Overall Comments

You have learned a lot from using charcoal and developing your use of tone and line in this assignment. Your contextual work isn’t connecting, as you know, but we have discussed this and I feel confident that you are gaining a better understanding of what is required. Continue reading “Assignment 3 feedback”