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Croquis Cafe Heads Up 2

Worked through this video:

First a series of 2 minute poses.. Continue reading “Croquis Cafe Heads Up 2”

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Struggling with people

2017-12-07 Lady in headscarf

Sketch from a photograph from the following article: Some progress, though the angle of the nose and the angle of the face are out of alignment with each other. Continue reading “Struggling with people”

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Project 3.1:Starting Again

Practice Reflection

I’ve been looking back at my practice sketches from December with a critical eye and my current study of perspective in mind. Issues start to build fairly quickly, although in many ways it is still an improvement on previous work. Possibly the biggest single issue is that the cupboard sketch was supposed to be face on, so the top and bottom of the cupboard facing should be parallel. They aren’t, and in fact they slightly diverge. Continue reading “Project 3.1:Starting Again”