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Composition of Still Life

Despite my tutor’s comment that my book work is ahead of my own work I’ve been re-reading the course notes, and have realised that an area I need to consider in more detail is composition. As such I went off on the research trail again. This time I have a different focus: “How do I produce a good composition?” In particular, of course, this means an initial focus of still life compositions. I believe, however, that most of the “rules” of composition are more generic than this. Continue reading “Composition of Still Life”

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Part 2 Approach

I’ve been trying to work out how best to approach part 2. To consider the best approach I’ve considered the volume of work, and my thoughts

Volume of work

The following is a list of the Projects, exercises and elements for consideration needed in this part of the course: Continue reading “Part 2 Approach”

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Research Point: Still life genre

Researching still life as a genre is a very wide brief, and so I started with a very wide net. I search for the term on wikiart, at the Tate Modern and V&A. The breadth of the collection of resultant images can be considered by comparing the featured image by¬†CARAVAGGIO with one by Mondarian. Continue reading “Research Point: Still life genre”