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Man sleeping on a train

Part of my on-going efforts to draw people. Getting better. This is starting to form a series: I’ve taken a set of photos on trains, at stations and commuting in general to use as subjects for sketches.

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Project 1: Feeling and expression

Reworked following part 2 feedback.

Ex 1: Expressive lines and marks

This was an odd exercise, and one it took me a while to start. That may have had something to do with December not being a productive month in general though. Continue reading “Project 1: Feeling and expression”

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Reflections on my Sketchbook

I’ve been reflecting on “my Sketchbook” of late, after reading the OCA article on keeping sketchbooks posted recently. (View article…) I’ve also been having to rethink my approach based on the printing work I’ve been doing. For most of the course my sketchbook has been a book I carry around and draw in. That clearly isn’t what this article is referring to as a sketchbook. So, am I keeping a sketchbook in these terms at all? I don’t have a set of bound physical pages that contain the sorts of thinking and information described as a sketchbook – so on the face of it “No.” Continue reading “Reflections on my Sketchbook”

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Assignment 4 Feedback

Feedback, written up by myself based on a video session…

Overall Comments

Overall, this part represents good assignment submission, where you have clearly enjoyed yourself and improved you observational drawing. You have clearly engaged with the part and learned a lot about drawing and the use of negative space. The work shows good progress through the exercises and the sketchbook. Continue reading “Assignment 4 Feedback”