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Project 3 Ex 1: Still life with line

This is in the wrong order, but exercise 2 came near to completion first. This exercise has also been a steep learnjng curve. in my last feedback my tutor suggested I try a dip pen, and in my Life Drawing I’ve been using conte. Lastly, I wondered if ink and brush might work well. Continue reading “Project 3 Ex 1: Still life with line”

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Research: Impressionist Still Life

My work in this part so far, including my to be finished Still Life in line, has been quite “tight” and detailed. This is in contrast to my more successful Life Drawing works, which are finished much more quickly – but in some ways are drawings I like more. This made me reflect on the Impressionist works that I’d seen, and I decided to do a bit of research. Continue reading “Research: Impressionist Still Life”

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Research: Cabbages and art

I started setting up to do a still life with a cabbage as part of the assignment work. This is based on a pointed cabbage we picked up. (Now eaten, but I’ve still got photographs.)

IMG_5652 (Edited)
Sketchbook cabbage

As an investigation around this, however, I decided to have a look around at how different artists had treated still life images including a cabbage. It turns out it is a fairly rich field, as a quick Google search and following on from it revealed.

Continue reading “Research: Cabbages and art”