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Project 4: At home

Reworked following Part 2 feedback. I’ve also added notes that I previously thought I’d included but now can’t find. Unfortunately the original wording is lost, so I’ve recreated it from memory.

Sketches around the house

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Assignment 1


Key Points

• convey feelings
• believable shapes
• use of tone, using light and shadow
• a few objects that trigger a response for you
• ordinary, funny, practical or ornamental or a mixture
• Set them up in a space so that they create interesting shapes and angles
• good light hitting the objects at an angle
• make the tones on the object obvious and the light and darks clear
• Look at the spaces between the objects as well as the objects themselves.
• Take the two experimental mark making sheets that you did exploring texture and gesture and pin them up nearby Continue reading “Assignment 1”