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Project 5.1: Found objects print

Started by setting up in a new location, much more suitable than our living room floor.

Next was by making a template and mixing up a couple of colours. Used kitchen towels to give them an interesting texture, with the print made in the second press. I made two copies for reasons that will be clear later… Continue reading “Project 5.1: Found objects print”

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Project 5.2: Storyboarding Research

This is an area I didn’t expect to have to put so much research into, but as always when I think that I was wrong. The following documents some of the more interesting material I found:

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Reflections on my Sketchbook

I’ve been reflecting on “my Sketchbook” of late, after reading the OCA article on keeping sketchbooks posted recently. (View article…) I’ve also been having to rethink my approach based on the printing work I’ve been doing. For most of the course my sketchbook has been a book I carry around and draw in. That clearly isn’t what this article is referring to as a sketchbook. So, am I keeping a sketchbook in these terms at all? I don’t have a set of bound physical pages that contain the sorts of thinking and information described as a sketchbook – so on the face of it “No.” Continue reading “Reflections on my Sketchbook”

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Part 5: Drawing Clothes and Drapery

Whilst starting to consider the drawings needed for the Storyboard and my planned Photomontage I realised that my understanding of the drawing of clothes and drapery was all too weak. I started to research how to approach drawing clothes more effectively.

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Project 5.2: Photomontage

Maybe ‘bringing an English festival to Austria’ might work…

It took me a while to work out the direction of the sun, but the highlight on the mountains gave it away in the end. I’ll use electronic drawing to add in the shadows. For the figures, flags and tent I’m going to try using pastels. I’ll try colour first and shift to black and white if I can make it work.

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Project 5.1: Shift to A3

The A4 size is quite limiting, so I’m shiting toi A3 for the moment. To do this I’ve bought some A3 perspex sheets. Although I only really need 1, I thought this allows me to do a few attempts before a full on clean up. I started out using different leaves, but following the concept of the “Balance of Tees” idea.

First I tried to think though composition:

img_2990 Continue reading “Project 5.1: Shift to A3”

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Project 5.1: Further printmaking research

More experiments

At the same time as considering what I would like to create as an image for “Balance” I’ve also been researching and experimenting with print somewhat. First, some further experiments I performed whilst looking into the whole idea:

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Project 5.1: Balance of Tees


Whilst thinking though what “Balance” might represent I came across a set of tweets effectively about racism and people’s response to it. The tweet is available here: In essence, however, it talks about “White Tees” and “Brown Tees” and the response of non-racist white people to racist white people. The conclusion is that the right response is to stand with them, rather than just not oppress. This in turn reminded me of a poem “First they came…” (A poem written by German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984):…) The conclusion is the same. It is not enough to simply not oppress, it is necessary to stand with those who would be oppressed against those who are oppressors. Continue reading “Project 5.1: Balance of Tees”

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How do sculptors use drawing?


My tutor for Drawing Foundations made a potentially throw away comment that “Sculptors using drawing differently” during our Assignment 4 review session. On reflection I thought this was important to follow up on as a piece of research, as to what the comment meant and implied. I can partly answer this from my own experience. In late-stage drawings that will be mapped to a sculpture it is important that the skills of drawing in perspective are put to one side. These drawings have more in common with architectural drawings than pieces of expressive artwork. I don’t think, however, this this is the full story. There is, therefore, a fruitful avenue for investigation available which could help move me forwards. Continue reading “How do sculptors use drawing?”