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Project 3.2: Developing ideas

I’ve been working on the idea in several ways, as can be seen from my previous post. I seem to have settled on an arrangement of items on a chopping board, though I’m split between basic vegetables or whether to include the spices. As a first run at a good image I started with Charcoal.  Continue reading “Project 3.2: Developing ideas”

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Project 3.2: Playing with ideas

I been trying to consider how best to approach this one. I tried to think through approaches and ideas. The concept of “larger than life” came through from the brief and started me thinking… The most obvious idea is something like an arrangement of vegetables, but other ideas can work… Continue reading “Project 3.2: Playing with ideas”

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Reflection on Tutor feedback

On consideration I’ve decided that it is appropriate to reflect on my tutor’s feedback again. This is more for my own thinking than as a response. After my Assignment 2 feedback I realised that I hadn’t understood and/or followed some of his advice. Considering each point explicitly at this point seems worthwhile as a completeness check, and to build a “further work” list. Continue reading “Reflection on Tutor feedback”

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Project 3.2: Apples, Orange and lime

This was created just before I received the Assignment 2 feedback from my tutor. I didn’t get round to writing up my thoughts on it because I had a major reset on the work for Project 3.1. The image was simply posted as a comment on pastel pencils. I touched up the image slightly from when I posted it previously, but it is still basically the same. Continue reading “Project 3.2: Apples, Orange and lime”

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How to do Analysis and Reflection?

An area that I’ve spent a certain amount of time researching, but didn’t get around to writing up is around analysis of art, and reflection for learning. This is an area I spent some effort on before Assessment 1, but I went back round the whole idea when I received the feedback for Assignment 2. The feedback made it clear that the my process left something to be desired. What to do about that, however, was still quite open. I needed some ideas on how to approach resolving the feedback satisfactorily. Continue reading “How to do Analysis and Reflection?”

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Life Drawing Class

I’ve managed to find a Life Drawing class that I can at least attend some of. Its difficult because they tend to be during the day in the week, and I many days in London. This is at least evening so I’m hoping to get to enough of them to make a difference. To be honest it was a bit of a rocky start back. I’ve not done Life Drawing for a couple of years, and it showed. Continue reading “Life Drawing Class”

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British Museum: Picasso Prints

I seem to be on a bit of a Picasso hunt at the moment. The British Museum has acquired a number of Picasso Prints, and these are currently on display.  Although there are only a few of them on display, unlike the XPO Picasso, the display is well worth stopping by if you are in the area. I’ll say a few words about a couple of my favourite pieces from the Exhibition. Continue reading “British Museum: Picasso Prints”

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Project 3.1:Starting Again

Practice Reflection

I’ve been looking back at my practice sketches from December with a critical eye and my current study of perspective in mind. Issues start to build fairly quickly, although in many ways it is still an improvement on previous work. Possibly the biggest single issue is that the cupboard sketch was supposed to be face on, so the top and bottom of the cupboard facing should be parallel. They aren’t, and in fact they slightly diverge. Continue reading “Project 3.1:Starting Again”

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Deeper thoughts on Morandi

Morandi was one of the artists that my tutor suggested I should consider in more detail. He painted Still Life and Landscape pictures and tended to do so with relatively little detail. This article provides an initial introduction, but it seems there is more to consider.  I was, therefore, very interested to find the following lecture on iTunes: Continue reading “Deeper thoughts on Morandi”