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Assignment 1: Tutor report

Overall Comments

Thanks for sending the first batch of work. You’ve produced a lot of content on the blog and I’m not in a position to comment on everything. You have a background as a researcher so I’m not surprised by this attention to the archive. What’s important is to use the new knowledge to develop your practice. If there is a particular post that is a little ‘off-piste’ that you feel is crucial, then please highlight it when you email me. If you don’t there is a chance is will be missed. Your writing about exhibitions and books is already more than most students manage over the whole Unit. Continue reading “Assignment 1: Tutor report”

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Assignment 1: Evaluation and Reflection

Reflection and Evaluation

What went well?

I like the image overall, as stated previously. The items have meaning for me, and I am hopeful that at least some element of that shows through. The drawing was well received by my wife, who will have similar associations with the individual objects chosen. She called it “An homage to Greece” which fits my intention fairly well. Continue reading “Assignment 1: Evaluation and Reflection”

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Assignment 1


Key Points

• convey feelings
• believable shapes
• use of tone, using light and shadow
• a few objects that trigger a response for you
• ordinary, funny, practical or ornamental or a mixture
• Set them up in a space so that they create interesting shapes and angles
• good light hitting the objects at an angle
• make the tones on the object obvious and the light and darks clear
• Look at the spaces between the objects as well as the objects themselves.
• Take the two experimental mark making sheets that you did exploring texture and gesture and pin them up nearby Continue reading “Assignment 1”