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In the Studio: Willem de Kooning

Continuing on the “In the Studio” series, the focus has moved to de Kooning.


The initial video is about de Kooning’s style and approach. Here the artist is an “Action Painter” with major gestural marks on a large format and working with the “physicality of the medium”. This is explained in the videos as using the liquid and viscous properties of different paints and paint blends to get effects. Continue reading “In the Studio: Willem de Kooning”

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Project 3.2: Apples, Orange and lime

This was created just before I received the Assignment 2 feedback from my tutor. I didn’t get round to writing up my thoughts on it because I had a major reset on the work for Project 3.1. The image was simply posted as a comment on pastel pencils. I touched up the image slightly from when I posted it previously, but it is still basically the same. Continue reading “Project 3.2: Apples, Orange and lime”

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British Museum: Picasso Prints

I seem to be on a bit of a Picasso hunt at the moment. The British Museum has acquired a number of Picasso Prints, and these are currently on display.  Although there are only a few of them on display, unlike the XPO Picasso, the display is well worth stopping by if you are in the area. I’ll say a few words about a couple of my favourite pieces from the Exhibition. Continue reading “British Museum: Picasso Prints”