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Assignment 2 feedback

Received feedback for Assignment 2 from my tutor.

Dear David,

Thank you for your second Assignment

Overall Comments

Thank you for taking my advice and keeping to the requirements of the course so that you have submitted only some evidence of the projects as instructed in the coursebook. Continue reading “Assignment 2 feedback”

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M. C. Escher: Impossible spaces

The course notes mentions investigating looking at how artists play with perspective. As part of this the work of M. C. Escher and the Penrose stairs needs to be mentioned. This creates an optical illustration of an infinite staircase. The following is Escher’s application of the idea to his art: Continue reading “M. C. Escher: Impossible spaces”

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Depth post linear perspective

The course materials also indicate  that we should consider more modern approaches to the representation of depth. In many ways this concept seems to be driven initially through Cezanne and Cubism. Cezanne used colour to represent depth, rather than using a structured and basically mathematical process. In essence, as objects tend into the background they will tend to look more blue. There are other indicators, such as them being smaller and having less detail. This is shown in Mont Sainte-Victoire: Continue reading “Depth post linear perspective”