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Assessment Feedback: Pass

Extract from OCA Assessment Team (2019), LEVEL 1 VISUAL ARTS SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT FEEDBACK [Attachment to Email November 2019 Assessment Results sent to Howard, D. 11/12/2019.] T

Overall Comments and Feed Forward

In your body of life drawings you explore qualities in tone and line to convey form, volume and weight. There is a sense that your most interesting and successful drawings are those drawn from direct observation.

Your sketchbook studies such as Langdale farm series evidence an investment in exploring tonal values and outline. We recommend that as you progress to Sculpture 1 you home in on an area of inquiry, to enable you to engage with a process of ideas development. Beginning with a clearer set of intentions may provide some useful boundaries for your experimental process.

Your learning log, and the submission as a whole seem quite confused and lack coherence. It will be essential for you to bring some organisation and structure to your work and process.

You received invaluable recommendations and purposeful guidance in tutor feedback; to enable your progression it is vital that you respond and act on this in future studies. Your research is fairly limited in range and scope. It is important that you evaluate, reflect on and analyse research to gain some understanding of a wider drawing vocabulary and contextual relevance.

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