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British Museum: Hokusai Continue reading “British Museum: Hokusai”

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A trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On my way up the country to a family holiday in Cumbria we stopped off at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This was planned as a stop over in the long trip from Kent, but gave me a good opportunity to take in some art along the way. There was a great deal to see, and if you’ve never visited and get the chance plan to spend a while there if you can. The following outline a few highlights of this trip. This write up is bereft of images as I have no idea on the copyright issues of including them. I have, however, included links that are worth following for images and more information. Continue reading “A trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park”

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Exhibition: XPO Picasso


We were in Bruges and ran into a Picasso exhibition. It’s a very interesting exhibition of 300+ of his pieces. Many were from Sketchbooks. One sequence, for example, was a number of drawings done about the same model. I’d speculate from the same sitting. There was quite a variation in style and approach across them, giving an idea of how Picasso approached his work. Continue reading “Exhibition: XPO Picasso”

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Realism and Art

I was recently viewing the work of Jon Hul. He produces pieces of work that are so detailed that they are, in effect, indistinguishable from photographs. Given that, however, can this be considered more valuable than the photograph it was presumably copied from? The artist in question has spent years perfecting his skills to produce such an image. This level of realism, however, could have been produced in a much simpler fashion – by printing the photograph. Continue reading “Realism and Art”