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Approaching Part 4

Looking through the course text the volume of work for Part 4 is, again, massive. Six projects with a total of 15 exercises and 5 Research points. At the end of all that there is an assignment involving 2 drawings of A1 size and another of any size. Added to all of the volume is the subject matter, which I have been struggling with for an extended period already. See my past Life Drawing if you doubt me on that one. This is leading to a need for choices to be made.

Story so far

I knew from the start of the course that Part 4 was going to require a lot of work for me. To put this in perspective, these are some of the life drawing , portrait and self portrait images I’d achieved before starting Drawing 1:

Note that these are among the better drawings of people from my Foundation Course. To address this I started near the beginning of the course doing some relatively intensive Life Drawing sessions and drawing of people:

I started making progress, but a change of working approach will make it much more difficult to get to these sessions as much as I’d like.


I will try to interleave Life Drawing sessions and use of people I know where ever possible. The reality of the situation, however, is that I’ve collected a selection of non-live resources for figure drawing over time and I’m going to have to fall back on those to complete the part. Of these on of the most valuable is Croquis Cafe, which includes videos of life drawing sessions.

Parallel approach

At least to a degree I’m going to run the different exercises in parallel, coming back to place drawings and reflection into the course framework. Although this is somewhat fragmented it does mean that I can try to make best use of the time and opportunities available to me as the opportunity arises.

Exercises revisited

A side effect of the parallel approach to the part is that I would ideally iterate through all of the exercises multiple times, building on the learning from each and interleaving the drawing practice. This means that the write up is structured according to the exercises (at least roughly), but the drawing work might not be.

Figure drawing practice

Running through all of this work is the need to practice figure drawing as a whole – whether connected directly to exercises or not. This will include, for example, gesture drawing and timed pose drawing – either live or based on the different practice mechanisms available.

The output of this work might note be very publishable, however, and so much of it may not be included in the blog at all. The following gives an idea of the output from such a session:

Not exactly high art, more of a path to learning. Much of the time I will be skipping documenting this sort of drawing exercises.

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