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OTIS Art History

One of the (many) areas I feel I need to develop is an appreciation and understanding of Art History. I’ve picked up some big and heavy books, but needed a summary as a start point. This is where the OTIS Art History has been interesting. I originally found them on iTunesU, but the same material (along with quite a lot of other stuff) is available via their YouTube playlists. The Art History Time Line is interesting because it is in lots of 5 minute chunks, so not too must to digest at a time.

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Kandinsky (Continued)

I has taken a while, but I’ve made it to the end of Kandinsky’s Concerning the spiritual in Art, mentioned in my previous post. I’d (more or less) made it through his writing on the general aesthetic at the end of the last post. I’ll pick up Part II (About Painting) now. Continue reading “Kandinsky (Continued)”

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Project 3.1: Brief and Research


So what is this one all about? Clearly the first, and most important, point is to demonstrate drawing in perspective for a complex scene. This means creating a “believable sense of structure and form” (from the brief) using perspective as the tool. Continue reading “Project 3.1: Brief and Research”

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Project 3.1: Thinking though cupboard and viewpoints

I’m trying to decide how to work out which cupboard is best, what viewpoint and how much to open the door. We have three cupboards in the house that meet the brief, with one having double doors. One has cans and such in, another is tea boxes and drinks and the last spices and jars.

I like the cupboard with the spice jars. This is the one I chose for my earlier practice, but the cupboard with the tea packets would work as well.

There is also the question of whether to ‘tidy’ the cupboard. I’m thinking not. In fact I may even add some extra stuff. My life is full to over flowing, and I want the drawing to reflect that. If that is the driver then the double door cupboard, with its stacked up contents would be best.

On amount of the door to show, I think it looks best with just a bit of the outside of the door showing. Decisions, decisions…

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Exhibition: XPO Picasso


We were in Bruges and ran into a Picasso exhibition. It’s a very interesting exhibition of 300+ of his pieces. Many were from Sketchbooks. One sequence, for example, was a number of drawings done about the same model. I’d speculate from the same sitting. There was quite a variation in style and approach across them, giving an idea of how Picasso approached his work. Continue reading “Exhibition: XPO Picasso”