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Project 1: Feeling and expression

Reworked following part 2 feedback.

Ex 1: Expressive lines and marks

This was an odd exercise, and one it took me a while to start. That may have had something to do with December not being a productive month in general though.



The image above is the “Calm” drawing. Interesting forms prevailed. Enjoying making the marks. Fascinating shapes. Some variation and some consistency. First time I used a stick and ink in this way.


Flowing marks. Upwards. More varied in form – but that was a decision. Enjoying just making the marks. Ribbons were fun. Ink and stick was hard to make flowing, but the others that seemed more natural.


Strong marks. Big but separate. Had trouble keeping in the frame. More black on the page. Tendency to drop the tool. Somewhat angular.


Hard to do much at all. Small marks. No vigour.  Little life to it. Tendency to down flow.


I think I struggle with this sort of exercise. It is partly the instruction to be ‘non subjective’ as I tend to second guess myself as I work. Am I making marks because I am feeling X, or because I feel I should make that sort of mark when I’m feeling X? Are the two separate? The curse of an INTJ outlook.

I think the point of the exercise is to consider the relationship between mark making and your internal emotional state, and then how this relates to the feeling expressed by the drawing. Do these drawings show the feeling I attribute to them? At this stage I’m not sure.

A secondary aim of the exercise seems to be experimentation with mark making tools. This was very successful, and I think this will continue over the course. Part 2 seems very heavy in it.

The ink and stick was particularly interesting. Not a medium I’ve played with much, and one I think I’ll look into more.

Ex 2: Texture

Started slightly backwards with ‘Frottage’ on an A4 sketchpad with slight tooth and 150 g/sqm paper. The featured image is the first sheet.

The approach worked surprisingly well. It needs a firm surface and hard texture item to work with. It’s also useful if the paper stays still relative to the texture item.

The next attempt was straight drawing using a graphite stick and different grade pencils. Some use of a stump and putty rubber.

It’s an interesting start. I like the rug more than the bedspread. Next different drawing material choices for surface and mark making.


Fineliner with some brush pen on A4 sketchbook.

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