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Project 4: At home

Reworked following Part 2 feedback. I’ve also added notes that I previously thought I’d included but now can’t find. Unfortunately the original wording is lost, so I’ve recreated it from memory.

Sketches around the house


Its not quite 4 angles of every room in the house – but it is getting close. I deliberately worked quickly rather than spending an extended time with each piece. On looking back thought them I found some factors that I thought made the images more interesting:

  • Quirky and/or strange items in the room;
  • Things that improve the sense of space or depth;
  • Somewhat unusual angles, such as high or low;
  • Material/fabrics – such as curtains or coats etc.; and
  • A view to another space, such as a doorway or mirror.

In choosing a composition in the next part, therefore, it made sense to emphasise some of these aspects.


I’ve gone a bit off-spec from the instructions for this exercise. I’ve used a combination of photography and sketches to consider the composition I’m going for. My first step was, based on my learning from the last exercise, to take some photos from different angles in two places. In both cases I could see out into the garden – first was our front room and second the kitchen.

I took this approach because some of the most interesting sketches had a ‘through’ element. The bright outside also contrasts well with the darker inside.

Added: These are my favourite of the ones I took. In both cases a slightly high angle viewing downwards seems to help the overall composition. On contemplating it, I decided I preferred the front room as my subject area. As well as the through view, this has a lot of aspects that provide a concept of depth; its has the curtains and a number of interesting items to enhance the final drawing.

On this basis I went for a conte sketch next:

This was a start, but I wasn’t fully happy with the composition or tonal aspects. For the composition I went back to playing with the photography and a grid tool:

These are the best in each orientation. In each case I’ve kept the aspect ratio of an A sheet of paper and varied the scale and positioning. I’ve also played slightly with the image brightness to get a better tonal range.

From here I did a small graphite sketch of my favourite:

The photo doesn’t quite work, but I drew to the grid and concentrated mainly on tone. When I was working on it I realised I’ve not really put this much effort into any form of tonal study before. The Broccoli probably had a similar level of consideration for the final drawing, but not really for preparatory drawings.

I think I have a winner for basic composition. Now I need to think through the approach to other aspects of the final image.

Material Differences

Added: With this preparation I went on to start the main drawing. In approaching this, I had specific items (such as the curtains and garden elements) hat I wanted to be “right” in my perception of how they should be. For other elements I was happy to be much looser and “there or thereabouts” when drawing. This significantly flavoured the way I approached the work. 

A2 in black conte. The scene has changed slightly. I like the look of the net curtain and the tone contrast between inside and out. There are a number of perspective issues, but overall I like the feel of it. Detail is deliberately kept low.

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