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Soft pastel experiments

Not strictly part of any of the exercises, but this has been an interesting experimental journey:

IMG_6487 (Edited)These images make up an experimental sequence where I was experimenting with soft pastels in an A3 sketchbook. In the first I thought I got some nice water reflection, interesting overall feel, and Quite liked the semi-line quality of the marks. I wasn’t so keen keen on the chairs unfortunately. I wasn’t trying for accuracy – but they’re a bit too far out. Need to concentrate a bit more on relative angles.

IMG_6489 (Edited)I thought the style with soft pastel is definitely worth more experimenting, and so went on for a second try. Here a different view, but trying for a similar style. Again I like the overall feel. The smudged Sky is good. The cartridge paper works well, though possibly non-white would be interesting. Using hair spray as fixative has proven surprisingly effective.

On the less positive side, the plants could do with more form. Too much white paper showing through. It makes the forms harder to read in general.

The soft pastel is working better than the coloured pencils for me. Helps me to avoid details, as it really isn’t a detail medium. Maybe I should be putting down a smudged background then building up the mid and foreground from there. I also like the way the roof tiles went, and was getting some unintended blending of colour that could point to interesting effects.

IMG_6490I tried again for this one. My focus was slightly different thus time, as I was trying to build up background washes of colour to solve the white background issue. I could have simply used coloured paper, but that would only change the background tone.

What worked? Like the sunset feel. Blending pastel in layers worked well.

What didn’t?: A bit too simple a composition. Needs more of a background.

Happy accidents: Spilt some liquid on the paper when blending. That dramatically changed the pastel absorption.

To take forwards: I like the feel that is starting to build in this sequence. I should trying to bring this into the Projects and Exercises somehow. It might be an interesting approach to fixing the First trees group.



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