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Project 5 The moving figure

Comparison of movement representations

The course notes suggest:

Look at the energy in this fast brush drawing by Richard Hambleton; …Now go to David Haines’ website and find  the drawing New Balance Sneakers vs KFC Bucket. Note the more restrained movement of the figures …

The two images are:

As the course notes indicate, these are very different approaches to drawing movement. They both use the stance of the subjects as part of conveying the movement in the scene. David Haines’ scene is rendered almost as a fast frame photograph and has taken many hours to complete. Richard Hambleton’s, in contrast, feels like it was painted in near real time.

This lead me to look at movement in art in a more general sense, and I found some interesting links:

Painting by Frederic Remington from

Exercise 1 Single moving figure

After this I started trying to sketch an individual running figure from a photograph, but got bogged down on the face:

Running figure

More of that in the next project… I do like the way the stance was going here though.

Exercise 2 Groups of figures

Similarly, I decided to simple line sketches of the scenes, trying to convey some idea of the scene rather than trying for detail and accuracy:

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