Posted in Coursework, Part 4, Sketchbook

Life Drawing 4/9

The next of my Life Drawing sessions. We started with a blind contour drawing

Next was a series of 5 minute poses, concentrating on vertical alignment. One I abandoned because the vertical proportion was too far off. The other two I’m somewhat happier with.

The next two poses were also 5 minutes, but this time on a small bench with twisted sitting poses. I’m not at all happy with the first attempt, but the second is better – as far as it goes.

This last pose was a longer pose – about 40 minutes. I kept to line, and took the time to fix the most obvious representation issues. Overall this is about as good as I’ve done recently. There are still issues but the basic form works.

One thing that worked here is that the additional time meant that I was able to step back more, reflect and then fix the issues. Going forward I need to consider tone and to practice proportion and representation.

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