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Project 5.1: Found objects print

Started by setting up in a new location, much more suitable than our living room floor.

Next was by making a template and mixing up a couple of colours. Used kitchen towels to give them an interesting texture, with the print made in the second press. I made two copies for reasons that will be clear later… Continue reading “Project 5.1: Found objects print”

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Part 5 Development areas

Specifically for these projects:

  • Printing, as this is new to me.
    • Research home printing methods, such as Collographs.
  • Drawing figures in various poses, with and without clothes
  • For Narration: Figure drawing can be really hard. If the figure drawing is causing frustration consider approaching it using other forms. Maybe sheep, or other animals. The idea is to experiment with juxtaposition.
  • Consider creative ways of approaching Life Drawing for practicing figure drawing.
  • Presenting narrative in art

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British Museum: Picasso Prints

I seem to be on a bit of a Picasso hunt at the moment. The British Museum has acquired a number of Picasso Prints, and these are currently on display.  Although there are only a few of them on display, unlike the XPO Picasso, the display is well worth stopping by if you are in the area. I’ll say a few words about a couple of my favourite pieces from the Exhibition. Continue reading “British Museum: Picasso Prints”