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In the Studio: Jackson Pollock

Well, I guess I had to get back here sooner or later. Interestingly, however, I think this approach to finding his work at least helps me understand it to a degree. I think I am also starting to understand why I don’t “get it.” My tutor described Pollock as “a painter’s painter”, and I have never really had a serious attempt at painting. This (to my mind) limits my ability to appreciate a body of work that is essentially about the action of making a painting in different ways. Continue reading “In the Studio: Jackson Pollock”

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Royal Academy: Abstract Expressionism

After my previous consideration of Jackson Pollock then a major Abstract Expressionism seemed to be an opportunity that I shouldn’t skip. There is a lot of work here, much of it by Jackson Pollock – including some of his most famous pieces. This was an opportunity to really try to engage with the concepts. Continue reading “Royal Academy: Abstract Expressionism”

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Book: Jackson Pollock on reflection

I think I’m nearing the end of my Journey with Jackson Pollock, having spent some time looking at a slightly wider range of material about him. Continuing my thoughts from Modernism in Dispute I thought it worth opening up the net a little. This included a series of internet searches, plus Honour, 2014 and Kleiner, 2011. Continue reading “Book: Jackson Pollock on reflection”

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Book: High Art as marketing

Carrying on from my consideration of Jackson Pollock and medium use in “Modernism in Dispute” [Wood, 1993]. The “High Art” discussion around p172 is slightly harder to put in context:

…the works of Louise and Noland … look like this because this is how painting must be made to look, c. 1960, if they are to offer the viewer sufficient degree of aesthetic power…”

Continue reading “Book: High Art as marketing”

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Book: Modernism in Dispute and Jackson Pollock

I bought “Modernism in Dispute” [Wood, 1993], as it is a set book and I’m interested in “What is Modern Art about anyway?” I’ve never exactly had a love affair with modern art. Jackson Pollock (e.g. “War”, Plate 123) is deemed to be a great artist – but I just don’t engage with his work. Continue reading “Book: Modernism in Dispute and Jackson Pollock”

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Book: Research and this course


Reading through Visualising Research [Gray, 2004] and relating it to the course, and art practice in general, I was pondering how they fit together. Grossly simplifying the approach of the book the key steps they are suggesting include:

  1. Decide on a question that needs consideration;
  2. Work out why the answer is important;
  3. Look for information about the subject, and use that to refine the context from (1) and (2);
  4. Work out from this how to approach the question;
  5. Do the work, refining understanding and context as you go;
  6. Reflect of what you’ve achieved and what now.

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