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Project 3.2: Playing with ideas

I been trying to consider how best to approach this one. I tried to think through approaches and ideas. The concept of “larger than life” came through from the brief and started me thinking… The most obvious idea is something like an arrangement of vegetables, but other ideas can work… Continue reading “Project 3.2: Playing with ideas”

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Reflection on Tutor feedback

On consideration I’ve decided that it is appropriate to reflect on my tutor’s feedback again. This is more for my own thinking than as a response. After my Assignment 2 feedback I realised that I hadn’t understood and/or followed some of his advice. Considering each point explicitly at this point seems worthwhile as a completeness check, and to build a “further work” list. Continue reading “Reflection on Tutor feedback”

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Warm up: Project 0.1: Big and Small



I’m slightly surprised how well the left hand went. The circles were clearly less well formed, and tended to be larger. I started on my “Travel Easel”. This needed to be used sitting and wasn’t too comfortable for the exercise. Changed to a flat board, which worked better.The instructions said to “change tool”, so each sheet was done with a different tool. Continue reading “Warm up: Project 0.1: Big and Small”