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In the Studio: Willem de Kooning

Continuing on the “In the Studio” series, the focus has moved to de Kooning.


The initial video is about de Kooning’s style and approach. Here the artist is an “Action Painter” with major gestural marks on a large format and working with the “physicality of the medium”. This is explained in the videos as using the liquid and viscous properties of different paints and paint blends to get effects. Continue reading “In the Studio: Willem de Kooning”

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Deeper thoughts on Morandi

Morandi was one of the artists that my tutor suggested I should consider in more detail. He painted Still Life and Landscape pictures and tended to do so with relatively little detail. This article provides an initial introduction, but it seems there is more to consider.  I was, therefore, very interested to find the following lecture on iTunes: Continue reading “Deeper thoughts on Morandi”

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Kandinsky and Spirituality in Art

I have been reading a paper copy [1] of this work on my tutor’s recommendation, and it is readily available online in electronic form [2]. Although not an easy read it has definitely provided me with a lot of food for thought on aspects of art which I haven’t previously considered. Kandinsky was a prolific artist who lived and worked at the back end of the 19th and early 20th century. This work is a paper that presents his “theory of art” at a point in time. The following outlines my thoughts on the different parts of the work. Continue reading “Kandinsky and Spirituality in Art”

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Assignment 1 feedback follow-up

Reading through my feedback there was one bit I didn’t understand, so I wrote to my tutor:

Having been though the feedback, could you provide me with an indication of what you mean by:

“Colour and Tone– …Are you thinking about dynamics and phrasing in your work?”

I’ve not come across this terminology before.

Continue reading “Assignment 1 feedback follow-up”