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Project 5.2: Photomontage

Maybe ‘bringing an English festival to Austria’ might work…

It took me a while to work out the direction of the sun, but the highlight on the mountains gave it away in the end. I’ll use electronic drawing to add in the shadows. For the figures, flags and tent I’m going to try using pastels. I’ll try colour first and shift to black and white if I can make it work.

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Project 5.1: Shift to A3

The A4 size is quite limiting, so I’m shiting toi A3 for the moment. To do this I’ve bought some A3 perspex sheets. Although I only really need 1, I thought this allows me to do a few attempts before a full on clean up. I started out using different leaves, but following the concept of the “Balance of Tees” idea.

First I tried to think though composition:

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Project 5.1: Balance of Tees


Whilst thinking though what “Balance” might represent I came across a set of tweets effectively about racism and people’s response to it. The tweet is available here: In essence, however, it talks about “White Tees” and “Brown Tees” and the response of non-racist white people to racist white people. The conclusion is that the right response is to stand with them, rather than just not oppress. This in turn reminded me of a poem “First they came…” (A poem written by German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984):…) The conclusion is the same. It is not enough to simply not oppress, it is necessary to stand with those who would be oppressed against those who are oppressors. Continue reading “Project 5.1: Balance of Tees”