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Experimenting with ink and wash

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High Tooth Paper

Some of the exercises in the course talk about using large paper with significant tooth. The biggest paper I had with significant tooth was A3, so I picked up an A2 pad of ‘Daler and Rowney Mixed Media‘ paper which I’ve previously picked up an A4 pad of. Continue reading “High Tooth Paper”

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Drawing with rhythm

I came an interesting section about drawing with rhythm in Andrew Loomis’ book “Figure Drawing for all its worth.” (PDF available here.) He describes drawing with rhythm as following through the major lines of forms in various graceful curves as part of the setup. The drawing on page 136 is of particular interest in this respect. As an experiment in this approach I tried a drawing of a dancer. Although I am unhappy with many of the details of the image, the basic idea of building up the form with interesting curves was very useful. Now I just need to learn a whole bunch about anatomy.