Renato Guttuso

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Who was he to me?

The Discussion, Renato Guttuso
The Discussion, Renato Guttuso, Date: 1960 from

It was my tutor that started me looking at him. He commented on Renato’s work being quite sculptural in nature,  and pointed me to “The Discussion”. Google is quite rich with images of his work, much of which I like. The subject matter isn’t always pleasant/pretty – bu I guess you’d expect that from a realist. I like the style of exaggerating the form, and see why my tutor referred to it as sculptural.

There is an interesting Guardian article that provides some background to the artist, and his Communist connections. It also describes an extended context to his work, such as an image of Picasso in one piece. This implies a level of influence, even if was somewhat indirect.

Interesting works

Portrait Of Rocco And His Son
Portrait Of Rocco And His Son from
Nudo Reclinato
Renato GUTTUSO – Nudo Reclinato – from
Guttuso, Renato, 1912-1987; Death of a Hero
Guttuso, Renato; Death of a Hero; Estorick Collection, London;

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  • Seems to have had some influence from Picasso.