Pablo Picasso

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Who was he for me?

There are so many versions of Pcasso’s Bio that I’ll not repeat the material. This one is quite detailed and yet readable, and there is always Wikipedia. As well as being an important artist in general, I think Picasso started out as an enigma for me and I’ve ended up as a  bit of a fan. My interest really started in an exhibition in Brugge, and continued at the British Museum.

Don’t get me wrong: Cubism is still an area I struggle to appreciate, and many of his drawings and images leave me cold. Nestled among all of this, however, are enough pieces I do appreciate to keep me coming back for more.

He lead a fascinating life, if not exactly steady and consistent as a person to have a relationship with. He was an activist in many ways. He managed a massive range of work across many genres, and approaches to making work.

Interesting works

So many, but here is a small sample I find interesting personally:,_1911,_Still_Life_with_a_Bottle_of_Rum,_oil_on_canvas,_61.3_x_50.5_cm,_Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art,_New_York.jpg
1911, Still Life with a Bottle of Rum, oil on canvas, 61.3 × 50.5 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Little Artist, 18 May 1954. Colour lithograph
Guernica, 1937

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