L. S. Lowry

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Who was he to me?

I’ve been aware of Lowry for quite a long time, due to his work being based very near to where I grew up in Urmston. His “match stick men and matchstick cats and dogs” were in some ways part of my childhood because of it. Some of his other work, however, I was much less aware of. The Seascape mt tutor showed me was far more subtle than his work that I’ve seen before.

I find it somewhat interesting why I like his work. I don’t usually focus on townscapes and industrial artwork, but in this case it is my childhood landscape depicted. Is this the primary connection? That is undoubtedly a facotor, but I think it goes beyond that. His depiction is one of society “warts and all” without actually making it ugly or shocking.

Interesting work

The following are discussed in my Landscape Artists post:

My tutor also pointed me at the following, which is a very different style:

Lowry, Laurence Stephen, 1887-1976; Seascape
Lowry, Laurence Stephen, 1887-1976; Seascape from https://artuk.org/discover/artworks/seascape-84995
L.S Lowry Industrial Landscape 1955
L.S Lowry Industrial Landscape 1955 from https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/features/ls-lowry-and-his-legacy-the-matchstick-man-is-back-in-vogue-at-last-as-tate-britain-showcases-first-8629350.html

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