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Assignment 2: Lichen revisited

I’ve had a few ideas for Assignment 2, but since my earlier lichen drawing it’s a subject I’ve wanted to revisit. This time, however, I’m planning to take a different approach. I thought through composition. The subject is definitely the Lichen and the context is the branches it sits on. I don’t necessarily need the leaves and ground for context, and so I’m going for a ‘negative space’ style of composition:

Last time I recognised the the background I set the lichen against needed to be dark. In that case I darkened the background using the media. This time my intention is to use black paper or mount board. To test if this would work I cut an A4 sheet of black mountboard. Clearly the mark making needs to be fairly opaque, so I tried…

Coloured pencil:

This doesn’t really work, as the pencil isn’t sufficiently opaque.

Hard pastel and pastel pencil:

This could work (mind the smudge), as with a bit of effort the colour can overcome the black card.

…. and oil pastel:

This could work, though I’m definitely having trouble getting it to do what I want. I want to play a balancing act with this piece between ‘accuracy’ and ‘expression’ and think the oil pastel might help in this. It just doesn’t do fiddly detail, and given my recent reflection I think I need to avoid excess detail. In order to get the right feel, however, I feel I need to go an A2 drawing.

Before that, however, I need to experiment more with mountboard and oil pastels. I’ve already done a bit of research on the use of oil pastels (which I’ll try to write up separately), I now need to experiment with that, especially with the mountboard. The challenge is that it has little to no tooth, which limits pastel deposit. If it doesn’t work I’ll fall back to black pastel paper – but I only have that in A3.

The preparatory drawing when I stopped:


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