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Legacies of Biafra

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Back in February I visited this exhibition, and for various reasons I keep coming back to think about it. Unfortunately you couldn’t take photographs and there is little about the exhibition available on the Internet. The works were highly varied, within the theme of the Nigerian civil war. This is a subject that I have little personal connection with, but it has made me think about artists’ responses to such events and the fallout from them.

Some of the work was produced at the time, but much of it was produced by artists who were displaced by the war and have subsequently become artists. The work, therefore, is a form of retrospective or sense making of the whole experience. It managed to convey something of their feelings and reflections to an individual who has no real context to interpret the work. That must be considered to be impressive as an exhibition.

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I really like this landscape painting in water colour. The colour focuses on the reflection of the sun on the water, but that plays off very well with the boats in the foreground and city/harbour in the mid-ground. A nice composition and thoughtful use of colour.

A very interesting tree-based study, and again the colours come over as a major element of interest. The reflections on the water are interesting, as is the use of the trees to frame the mid-ground and background.

A city based image this time, but an interesting one. There is a good balance between detail and impression with this one. A balance that my tutor has been pointing me towards thinking about.

I’ve included this one mainly because it got me to revisit thoughts about “gaze.” The title and lady looking into the mirror appreciating herself says, on one level, something about female vanity. The painting, however, was painted by a man and almost certainly primarily for male pleasure. (If in doubt look at some of his other paintings. This one is subtle compared to some.)

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