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Art being viewed…

One of the influences that I have is a regular supply of images and works from the Internet. Some of these come through Twitter (See, others from new articles and so forth. Most of these will go unrecorded, and float through. Some of these end up referenced in blogs and considered more formally – and a very few will end up printed and considered in my physical sketchbooks. I view and collect far more material, however, than I would ever write up in any formal way. I have, therefore, decided to acknowledge and comment on a small proportion of it. This is, in effect, an electronic extension of my physical sketchbook for recording the art I view and my thoughts on it.

Wash Day

This is a nice genre painting showing a charming domestic scene. The foreground subject is the woman and child arrangement, but I like the way that the washing has been included in the background. I’m also interested in the way that the shadows have been painted – especially after my tutor’s comments in recent feedback.


This is a very flamboyant still life of flowers. The fallen vase is an interesting idea, and the two bodies of flowers form an interesting composition. The vases have been placed in a context, and the flowers have plenty of contrasting colour. Whether there is some deeper symbolic meaning I’d hate to speculate.

Mountain Landscape

I really like this mountainous landscape painting. Partly for its subject, but also for its treatment of light and reflection in the water. One of the challenges my previous tutor gave me was to draw water as a reflective surface, which makes me consider the way that water has been painted in this landscape.

Damien Hurst in Venice


To say the reviews for this exhibition weren’t totally positive would be an understatement. To a degree I would agree that many of the images reproduced in the press are not of work that I would claim to be a fan of – but I’d not claim to be a Damien Hurst fan at all.

I did, however, find the underlying premise of the show quite interesting – along with the lengths that he went to presenting the concept. (Found sunken treasure brought to public view by the artist as a rescuer.) Some of the sculptures are also quite interesting in concept. Many of them are produced as if they have remnants of their underwater existence still attached. Others are presented as if they have been lovingly restored.

Whether you like the works and exhibition or otherwise, the presentation and concept is definitely interesting. It also made me think about the process of trying to build an exhibition to a concept, and bring it to the public.


One of my pieces of feedback from my tutor is that I should be including reflection on my reaction and thoughts about the art I’m viewing. This seems like an interesting way to approach this for material I view on the Internet where I don’t have the time (or inclination) to consider an in depth art analysis.

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