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Life Drawing

I managed to get to my first life drawing class in a while.The first exercise, the featured image, was Blind contour drawing. There are some recognisable elements at least. An interesting feature here was that occasional ‘repositioning’ was considered acceptable. I did so about 4 times in the 12m session. The next exercise, in charcoal, involved the model changing pose every 30s between two. The one on the right seems almost male in the face. Oops.

The third exercise was to use two pencils strapped together for a 24m pose. I needed to correct size and proportion a couple of time but I’m happier with this one. The 2 pencils idea was interesting and worth trying again in the future.

Lastly, a series of 8 1 minute poses for gesture drawing. A couple of these I even quite like. The last de drawing class is a series of 9 sessions. Hopefully I will get to most of them.

The tutor also made a reference to one of the other attendee’s drawings looking like Honoré Daumier. I liked the style of the drawings, and so think it might be worth looking into his work more.

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