Posted in Coursework, Part 1

Proj 2 Ex 2: Practice

I made a start with the next exercise despite not being fully happy with the last one yet. The featured image is the result.

I started by considering the assignment’s key features:

  • Lit from one side with a lamp;
  • 2 simple shaped objects.
  • Light and dark study. Shadow and shading considering reflected and direct light.
  • Large format drawing.

I decided to start with a white mug and coffee filter. Started by trying a series of positions and viewpoints. It was interesting to observe the way the reflected light on the cup.

I’m finding conte a challenge at the moment, as usage is somewhat different to charcoal. There are a number of errors in the ellipses, as there were in the other images so far. I also started by outlining the elements – which might have been a mistake.

My wife also made an interesting observation: I keep choosing odd and complex objects when simple ones are requested. I’m going to try a tea pot – as that might be more recognisable in general. I’m not sure I want to try toilet rolls again.


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