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Experimenting with a graphite stick

I recently picked up a graphite stick and wanted to see what it can do. It is like a big fat graphite crayon. Clearly not intended for detail work.

First some experiments with making marks:

It has a nice sweeping stroke, with some potential for detail on the point. The sweeping motion looks like it could do something water like:

Next I thought a self portrait was worth a try, with mixed success:

There are proportion and feature placement issues with the drawing, but the use of the stick has gone reasonably well. Lastly (for this set) I decided to try a scene from a train window. This was very interesting:

These are all A4 drawings, and the stick may have most potential in a larger format. In terms of building tone, however, it works really well. Control is something of a challenge, but I can see this being useful in my drawing toolbox.

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