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Assignment 5: Covering Letter

Dear Emma,

The following summarises the Assignment 5 submission:

  1. Learning Log – The blog is here: You will also see quite a bit of material on my progress through part 5 under the part-5 menu at: Alternatively, the Assignment 5 menu includes only the evaluation and reflection on the projects and those articles indicted in this letter:
  2. Sketchbook– I’ve taken a different approach to the sketchbook submission this time. The following article will explain the background to this: Based on this, I am submitting more of the working drawings and experimental pieces for the projects. I’m also submitting some of my Inktober drawings for interest.
  3. Project 5.1: I am submitting 3 prints (Found objects, transfer and direct drawn) with a set of the prints that lead up to these and may also be of use for you to consider.
  4. Project 5.2: I am submitting an A4 printout of the final storyboard, as well as some of the original images in fineliner on A5 paper. I am also submitting two A3 prints of produced photomontage images, as well as the original tent and pastel figure drawings.

We discussed that it would be worthwhile me creating some more “Academically suitable” articles as part of this process. I would suggest these are worth consideration in this context:

Looking forward to talking to you on Friday 10th November at 11am. As previously, I will make notes (and may attempt to record the session). I will then create a learning log post based on the feedback session, which you will be able to use as your submission to the OCA.

Yours sincerely,

David Howard, 515893

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