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Drawing for Sculpture

Whilst I was in Austria an opportunity arose to bid for a piece of “Public Art” sculptural work. They wanted a 1:5 design for a large piece. I proposed the delivery of a 4 section “log carving”. By that I mean deep relief sculptures created by carving into the log from the bark side. The design appears in a window within the log. I’ve done a number of smaller pieces in this style, which I was able to include photos of. I did, however, want to make sure the full idea of the design was clear.

To achieve this I used the ideas from the How do sculptors use drawing? and Project 5.2: Photomontage research and work. I did a drawing using the tablet and produced an initial design. The background was an ink wash, intended to invoke a feeling of trees in the background. The foreground was then 4 line drawings the described 4 separate “Anglo Saxon” ideas, which were intended to come together and present an Anglo-Saxon meeting space. This line art was underpinned with an underlayer so that the tree wash wasn’t seen in the lineart. The featured image shows the design at this stage. Note that the heavy black lines are intended to show the log break points.

As well as the basic design I wanted to present the final idea in the context of a log carving, with some feeling of the depth involved. To do this I added some shadow and an rough “log outline”, along with using an ink-wash approprach in shades of brown to try to give an impression of depth in the carvings.

The following shows the final result as presented in the proposal:

Basic Design - Mote Park Maidstone - Impression v1

Getting to this point has used many of the ideas and techniques that I have been researching and practicing over the course. I’m happy that the end result provides a professional look, and felt confident using this as part of a bid for a major commission. Its  unclear whether I will get the commission at this point, but I think that this result has amply demonstrated how my skills have developed as part of the course.


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