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Project 5.1: Found objects print

Started by setting up in a new location, much more suitable than our living room floor.

Next was by making a template and mixing up a couple of colours. Used kitchen towels to give them an interesting texture, with the print made in the second press. I made two copies for reasons that will be clear later…


When this was dry I started with some leaves, and laying them out on an A3 perspex sheet. I’m reusing the style and approach of the “Balance of Tees” design, but this time with leaves. Once I have the design I make a paper template, and mix up a couple of ink colours. The leaves go in the holes in the template, and then I do a series of passes pressing…


Next step was to layout an idea on one glass, then make a template from the composition.


The idea was to get 3 prints: the leaves are pressed into the ink plate and pick up ink. I turn those over onto another plate and get a pressing  of  the inked leaves…


I also get a pressing from the original inked plate with the leaves on, again on one of my previous sheets…


Lastly, I removed everything from the original inked up plate and do a final pressing…


What have I learnt?

This process was much more successful, and I may well use one of them as my final print for the found objects. My favourite is the one with the actual leaves turned upside down, but the other two are interesting as well. I’m least happy with the one with the inked up plate and template, as the leaf images are less clear than I’d hoped for. The last print is really interesting, and probably the most abstract of them all.

I’ve come a way with the printing process for creating a monoprint, but clearly still have a way to go to perfect the whole concept. I’m running out of time though, so that may have to be “off course.”

I’ve learnt something about mixing colour, which is a lesson I hadn’t expected. Colour in art is a definite subject that needs to go back near the top of my learning focus list. I’ve dabbled with the concept previously, but lack of colour theory is a problem for my future.

Lastly, I think I’ve learnt something of the idea of meaning in art. I started with a wide open theme (“abstract image on the theme of balance”), which took me on a thought path. That coincided with a left of field stimulus, and lead me on a thought path about racism and anti-racist art. This lead to the balance of tees idea, which in turn was abstracted to these images. Would anyone else gather the meaning from them that I considered encoding into them, or is it a “muffin representing the fall of man” image?

To answer that I would (presumably) have to get feedback from others on how they might interpret the work. From the feedback I might be able to refine the image to better convey the meaning I intended. That would be  scientific approach for conveying a precise meaning, but I think (in this case) I will simply accept that the meaning of the images is what people get from them. (If anything.)

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