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Project 5.2: Storyboarding Research

This is an area I didn’t expect to have to put so much research into, but as always when I think that I was wrong. The following documents some of the more interesting material I found:

So, what have I learnt?

  • The storyboard can be a “simpler” artwork that I’d originally thought;
  • Quite a bit about composition, flow and continuity;
  • I found a few interesting examples to consider;
  • I better understand why storyboards for different media might vary; and
  • I realise a bit more about the production process.

Initial thoughts on how to improve the sketch

So, armed with this lets revisit the trip to Le Touquet. The scribbles will be hard for anyone else to interpret, but:

  • Too many shots for a single page.
  • Started to layout as a comic, with a basic grid and then an interest shot as a bigger image. Do I want to follow this format? If this were part of a TV sequence, for example, the frame size would be best to be consistent at the screen aspect ratio. What is this a story board for?
  • Not enough variation in shot type. Pretty much all of the shots are wide, with only the first frame as a close up. Might the coffee on the beach shot be best as a close up? Might one of the load the car shots be best as an over the shoulder shot?
  • Draw bigger and then scale the drawings, so the storyboard generation will be a multi-step process. Maybe compose together in software and add the text at that stage? That will also allow some editing / reinterpretation in the software.
  • Need to consider an appropriate workflow to get to an end result.

Follow on Research…

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